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Invidious Dominion

Written by: EW on 27/09/2010 10:32:03

In Malevolent Creation exists a band that have been there since the early days of American death metal and yet despite the presence of a certifiable classic in their roster, 1991's "The Ten Commandments", never reached the status garnered to their peers of back in the day. Perhaps fed up of always being the bridesmaid to the scene casting scornful glances as the bride gets all the acclaim they have struck back in the strongest of manners with their 11th full length "Invidious Dominion" to banish any thoughts of these Floridians content to merely be the ugly duckling.

Though the same could be said of all their peers from the late 80's/early 90's scene, MC exude a strong pure death metal sound, formulated with a strong dose of the heavier end of 80's thrash (think Slayer, Possessed and Dark Angel) that to this day persists in making newbies like "Slaughterhouse", "Antagonized" and the fantastically-titled "Compulsive Facebreaker" such instantly likeable songs. Compositionally MC have never been set on taking death metal to unexplored regions or pushing technicality to the extreme, a fact that has influenced their levels of success, but to any DM aficionado they are solid, resolute and let's not forget, easy to grasp. "Invidious Dominion" is 35 minutes of death metal that only stops for brief inter-song breaks, which such is the intensity of every moment of all 11 songs come as welcomed breathing points. Brett Hoffman, now on his second album since returning to the fold, continues to punish with his near-legendary extended screams (see "Target Rich Environment" and the title track) and hoarse vocal style which is vastly more reminiscent of the style utilised by the aforementioned thrashers than your stereotypical Corpsegrinder growl, while in the band behind him it is much the same as usual - diligently performed riffs and hammering drums, produced to distinctively clear, yet unglossy levels.

As if wasn't made abundantly clear earlier in their discography Malevolent Creation are a barometer death metal band - liked if you appreciate the genre, a horrendous noise if you don't. That hasn't changed now and don't expect it to in the future but on the basis of "Invidious Dominion" it hasn't impacted on their abilities to write crushing death metal when they want to.


Download: Slaughterhouse, Antagonized, Corruptor, Invidious Dominion
For the fans of: Gorguts, Immolation, Vomitory
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Release date 27.08.2010
Massacre Records

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