Black Rainbows

Carmina Diabolo

Written by: PP on 25/09/2010 21:42:53

When it comes to stoner rock, there are a couple of bands who have influenced more or less every band since their inception. Those two bands are Kyuss and Fu Manchu. Yeah, you can argue that Queens Of The Stone Age are also involved, but they came much later. The point is, however, that whenever you insert a stoner rock album into your stereo - no matter by which band - you can't go long without mentioning "that sounds like X". That's also the case with Black Rainbows, an Italian band, who are on their second album now with "Carmina Diabolo".

The premise of the album is simple. Gritty, groovy stoner rock, where the guitars are dirtily distorted and rough around the edges, lead by a whiskey-drenched vocalist that sound about as sleazy as Motörhead at their rowdiest parties. Speaking of rowdy, that's one of the words useful in describing the sort of rock'n'roll Black Rainbows involve themselves in. The songs are almost exclusively riff-driven, with drums and bass left in a supporting role aside from a couple of passages. That's a good idea in stoner rock, however, because it guarantees that you'll get your feet tapping to the groovy rhythms. For example, if "Under The Sun" doesn't have that effect on you with it's "I wanna playyyyyyy...rock'n'rolllll" chorus, then you're probably reading the wrong magazine right now. The riffs are energetic and ballsy all around, played with a megalomaniac attitude that oozes old school rock star vibe in every song.

While it's no secret that Queens and Kyuss are still much better at delivering memorable and catchy songs on top of the same platform, Black Rainbows deliver a much better effort than, say, the latest Fu Manchu album. "Carmina Diabolo" is full of curvy riffs and barbecue-flavored guitars, and on top of this, the vocals are more than acceptable as well. Good stuff.


Download: Under The Sun
For the fans of: Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu
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Release date 28.05.2010
Longfellow Deeds Records

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