Darkness Between

Written by: PP on 17/07/2006 23:18:51

Finland can rightfully be called a gold mine of dark metal bands. Somehow, the nation that enjoys two month long summers and six month long, almost unbearably dark winters, has a tendency to only create acts who, albeit not directly admitting it, write increasingly about the darker aspects of life, giving almost suicidal thoughts to the listener. And then there are the dark metal bands like HIM and the newcomers from Saralee, who combine the dark sound with lyrics about love and passion, and are able to take their successes from their gloomy homeland into international recognition.

In fact, Saralee is the first band to successfully follow HIM's footsteps in their self-created genre 'love metal'. Saralee is composed exactly of the same elements as HIM is: melancholic atmosphere created by somber keyboards and solid, simple chords combined with infectiously catchy arrangements and lyrics about love and death.

Without knowing better, it's too easy to mix Saralee and HIM together, as they sound 150% same. Both bands have massive songs that are able to penetrate the national charts even in Germany or the UK. "Everytime" is Saralee's flagship song as it carries pace, sublime melody and singalongable, infectiously catchy vocal work with it, and will most definitely end ups as the fan favorite. In some remote areas of Saralee's sound it's possible to hear even as great vocal work as in Sinamore's last album "A New Day".

The only track that features growling of some sort is "Like Dreamers", where Joonas extends his voice into deep yet so melodic growls. The style fits stunningly well into the eight and a half minute epic and as it is the last track on the album, it leaves you scratching your head wondering why the band only used it on one track, which ended up being the best track on the album?

Saralee may not be ready yet to challange HIM with their debut, but perhaps on their second or latest on their third album they'll be ready to knock HIM off from the love metal throne. Great debut.

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Release date 10.07.2006
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