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Lady Gasoline

Written by: PP on 16/09/2010 22:50:28

Chris Singleton is an Irish singer songwriter. He is backed by a band called The Distractions. Together they focus on writing vibrant and eccentric pop rock flavoured with a dose of indie rock and the occasional electro rock elements. "Lady Gasoline" is their second outing together, following the critically acclaimed debut "Twisted City", which allowed Chris to land Steve Rooke to master the album at the infamous Abbey Road studios. That's why it sounds so bloody good, I s'pose?

Whilst most pop rock bands tend to stick to the same formula throughout, Chris & co aren't afraid to push the envelope and think outside of the box. Nuances and moods from three decades overall can be sensed across the record, ranging from the smooth and introspective indie rock of the 00s to the hit-obsessed 90s and, in places, 80s synth pop. The latter is best exemplified by the title track, which has a monster catchy chorus, but what's best about the track is the daring use of those dreary 80s synths that usually sound dated and cheesy, but are used with charm and style here to complete the best track on the album. Elsewhere, a horn section accompanies the soundscape (see: "You Came With A Bang"), or a funky disco beat on "Let Me Out" that morphs into a "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants"-era Oasis vibe simultaneously, showcasing just how versatile "Lady Gasoline" really is as a whole. "Caught In The Sun" is another example, consisting of quiet, relaxed indie-pop that sounds just about how I'd imagine The Beatles to sound like had they appeared three decades later. Other bands you might notice being referenced include Kasabian and the mystical machine gun legend Kula Shaker.

Now, I'll readily admit I'm fairly far away from my usual coverage zones, but I've always believed that good music is found in all genres - even pop rock. "Lady Gasoline" is not only proof of that, but also proof that innovation and originality isn't a lost cause even in the safest of genres. The album suits a bunch of catchy tracks into an interesting outfit that explores all the possible corners of pop rock, and then some. Despite the minor Brit rock vibes in places, Chris Singleton & The Distractions can only be recommended to fans of poppy rock and/or ambitious indie rock.


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For the fans of: Oasis, Kasabian, Kula Shaker,
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Release date 28.06.2010

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