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Written by: DR on 15/09/2010 15:15:27

Regular readers of Rockfreaks may remember the names of both bands mentioned on this here site in the not too-distant past, although neither Castevet nor Into It. Over It. managed to really impress fellows scribes PP and TL respectively. However, this split, complete with a cover that’s a cover of Saves The Day’s cover of “Through Being Cool”, is another chance to get to know each act, which, in turn, should get more people listening to them.

There are four songs in total. Two from each band, though both Castevet and IIOI seemed to have made each of their offerings deliberately completely different from the other, as a way of showing their versatility.

First up is Castevet’s side, starting with “Chilsen”. Despite being all of three minutes and fourteen seconds, it’s the longest track of the four; yet, in that still relatively short duration it manages to create an epic of a post-rock inspired indie soundscape, beginning with the obligatory math-rock guitar intricacies to the full-band burst – complete with casual crescendo. That track, in my instrumental-loving opinion, would have to go down as the strongest on here. It’s a staggeringly effective display of just how well Castevet seem to create these wonderful compositions oozing with charm, to the point where it all seems almost effortless. “(Get) Bucktown” follows, and, again, the indie/math-rock element is present, but this time it’s slightly hidden behind Bear vs Shark-esque vocals. It’s an intriguing juxtaposition, the gruff vocals to a sweeping backdrop, but they really make it work for them.

Into It. Over It. next, and Evan Weiss is back with his songs about his life. Not so much broken romances and how lucky he is to be making music, but the towns he’s staying in and the problems he has with/in them and the people who live there. As such, he’s named them aptly, after the actual towns. “Pontiac, MI” is simply him, his guitar, and his voice. For a song where he’s basically moaning about having to sleep on a couch and how it’s supposed to be “Bros before hoes in Pontiac,” there isn’t an ounce of self-pity in his voice, so expect to take to his warm, friendly vocals. Wait, did I just say “friendly vocals”? Oh, man, “Summerville, SC” is the opposite end of that spectrum, not just in the sense that his vocals are now about as “warm” as a chainsaw that’s been raging for an hour, but he now has actual drums and bass and such, you know, a band. Everything has been “punked up”, reminiscent of Polar Bear Club – hardly a bad thing to bring to mind, is it?

“Snack Town” does exactly what it should: gives fans a little something extra to get their ears around (I bet fans of IIOI are still trying to get their ears around all 52 tracks of his previous album hehe), but still remaining the perfect snapshot of the ability of both bands, so they should be getting a few more fans from this.

Download: Chilsen; Summervile, SC
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Release Date 10.08.2010
Topshelf Records

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