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Rock Did It

Written by: PH on 15/07/2006 18:32:36

So is this the 80's? That thought crosses your mind, when Dirty Rig's debut album "Rock Did It" strolls out of your stereo.

On a couple of songs, like on "Rock Did It", the vocalist Kory Clarke's inspiration from his former band Warrior Souls shines through. Warrior Souls were quite acknowledged in the underground about 15 years ago. The inspiration also comes from the likes of AC/DC and especially Bullet.

The opener of the album "Suck It", which obviously is about some imprintable oral activities, kicks the album off very nicely, since it's one of the best songs of the album. The 5th song "Rock Did It" might run away with the award for best song on the album, since it contains everything a typical ass-metal song contains: No importance of the lyrics really, screaming guitars and of course a rusty, soared voice.

Dirty Rig's music will probably mainly be used for drinking occasions. They bring absolutely nothing new to the scene, and they sound a bit too much like something you have heard before (20 years ago) - But yet it's an album that has some quality and therefore doesn't deserve a lower grade than a


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Release date 10.07.2006
Escapi Music
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