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Written by: PP on 07/09/2010 20:47:25

Has anybody else noticed the almost complete disappearance of anything rock, or it's very closely related subgenre alternative rock, from the radio stations and the recognition of the mainstream public? How many Foo Fighters' have you seen rise into even moderate stardom in the last five years or so? It all started with nu-metal, and when the next generation of trends and fads came along (scene, post-hardcore, metalcore etc), the genres have been all but forgotten and ignored in 2010. Hailing from Berkshire, UK, Neverify belong to that group of artists that, if you judge by the coverage in today's traditional and online media, are starting to become more like endangered species than the dangerous chart-dominating beasts they used to be at the switch of the millennium.

Personally, I welcome every artist trying to bring back that cherished sound, hence Neverify's debut EP "Species" has been in heavy rotation in my stereo lately. To re-iterate the obvious, in case you can't read between the very exposed lines, this band specializes in alternative rock. More specifically, they belong to the heavier end of the alt rock spectrum, where the guitars draw their influence from the grooves of Pantera, while smoothing them around the corners and rough edges to suit a more mainstream audience. The moment you hear the band's vocalist, an Incubus references becomes inescapable, for so closely does he follow Brandon Boyd's beloved clean cries throughout the record. In case you've never heard about Incubus (in 2010 you can never be sure, you know), that equals to him being a very good singer, to the extent that he's almost single-handedly carrying the band. That's perfectly fine, however, because in alternative rock big choruses and solid verses are the name of the game.

From a more holistic standpoint, Neverify sound like a crunchier version of Incubus from the "Make Yourself" era. The song "Manumission" in particular is like straight off that album, when they used to sound a little heavier and less experimental than today. Imagine a track like "Circles" and then listen to the final minute or so of this track and you'll see exactly what I mean. That being said, Neverify isn't exactly a clone band. They merely wear their influences proudly on their sleeve, resulting in a convincing alternative rock debut that shows brief glimpses of potential brilliance to come in the future. It's too early to judge these guys properly yet - based on just four songs, after all - but lets see what they can come up with on their eventual debut full length.

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For the fans of: Incubus, Boy Hits Car, Cage9, Nex, Twenty30
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Release date 10.07.2010

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