Circle Of Dead Children

Psalms of The Grand Destroyer

Written by: PP on 07/09/2010 17:45:51

Circle Of Dead Children are marketed as the 'ultimate anti-everything band; anti-life, anti-death, anti-world, anti-music, and anti-you'. It isn't difficult to understand why, if you give just a couple of spins to their new album "Psalms Of The Grand Destroyer", especially with regard to the last two parts of that statement. It contains a disgusting mix of death metal and grindcore to forge some of the most horrifying music known to man. This is extreme metal alright, and yes, it only appeals to a small niché of listeners. Such statements normally make fans of this genre soil their pants, but despite Circle Of Dead Children's best efforts at appealing to these people through the usage of pummeling blast beats and a gargling vocalist, the sad truth is that "Psalms Of The Grand Destroyer" isn't a particularly good album.

In fact, it isn't even an average album. It's extreme, brutal and grind-ey to the extent that most music fans will check out 15 seconds on the Myspace player below and decide "this is not music". But somewhere along the road Circle Of Dead Children have forgotten that just being immensely brutal and extreme does not automatically result into good songs. Once you take an album from a band like Australia's The Berzerker, who share at least a few aural things in common with these guys, you realize that "Psalms Of The Grand Destroyer" is merely half an hour's worth of crappy grindcore/death metal with little to offer for the listener. Or any record by Cattle Decapitation, for instance. It's lacking in killer riffs or sublime drumming that'd take the attention away from the terrible vocal work that ruins the album. It's also missing a distinct feeling, or anything that'd create a connection with the listener, which is something I'll blame the production for, as the vocals often drown everything and anything else underneath them. Surprising, considering Scott Hull is renowned for having produced some of the better grind records out there. Well I don't want to be rude, but this is a waste of time, even if extreme metal is your genre.

Download: When Human Compost Stains All Earth And Repels The Messengers Of Love
For the fans of: Kill The Client, Defeated Sanity, Regurgitate, Disgorge

Release date 07.06.2010
Candlelight Records

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