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The Grandiose Nowhere

Written by: TL on 02/09/2010 22:02:12

Lacrimas Profundere were, if word on the internet is to be believed, apparently once a doom metal band, which turned into a more of a goth/rock outfit over time. I admit, I know nothing of this, seeing as their 12th album "The Grandiose Nowhere" is my first run-in with the band. I simply had a little bell ring in the back of my mind when the album appeared in one of our promo thread - not surprisingly given that the band has apparently had a considerable career so far - and I signed up because, let's face it, how challenging can goth-rock really be to listen to?

Right, whether or not LP were ever metal quickly becomes irrelevant when listening to this disc, because seeing as the band now sounds like classic HIM, I'm sure no self-respecting metaller will be caught within audible distance of anything playing this album out loud. Of course, there are other music fans than metallers, and some of those might be interested in learning that the sound of Lacrimas Profundere anno 2010, is largely melancholic and formulaic goth-rock, heavy on the synth and the theatricality, spear-headed by the deep deep voice of current singer Rob Vitacca. I say current, because this band has been through the revolving doors and back more than once, with guitarist Oliver Schmid being the only remaining founding member.

Now, the biggest upside I can find to LP's music, is that their sense for things symphonic and grandiose isn't at all terrible, with many a riff or synth finding a fair balance between the dull and the corny. It's slightly unfortunate that these elements are restrained within very formulaic song-structures, but this does on the other hand allow for easy accessibility, giving a sticky radio-metal kind of quality to more than one song. The vocals however, are the defining characteristic, because courtesy of Vitacca, Lacrimas Profundere sound almost exactly like HIM did on records like "Razorblade Romance".

Among the readers that remained after the metallers had cursed and left, anyone halfway hip should hence now be asking themselves if this sort of sound has any sort of relevance or coolness in the year 2010 (that would be a no, unless you're German, like the band..). There's no doubt however, that it should hit the spot with anyone who considers wearing gay/pirate/vampire get-ups and putting bat/cobweb/coffin-stickers on all your possessions to be good fashion advice. Remaining readers - that would be the few indecisive and casual music-fans who haven't already either clicked away or found the album on a torrent site - might find a song or two on here to be guilty pleasure material.. But really, I think that if you're willing to stomach cornyness and a rather dated sound, then HIM at least has more catchy material to offer of the same sort.

Download: The Letter
For The Fans Of: HIM, I Am Ghost, Marilyn Manson, Deathstars, Aiden

Release Date 30.04.2010
Napalm Records

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