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Everyone Everywhere

Written by: TL on 02/09/2010 21:24:09

Some of our more nerdy readers may have noticed that there's been a recent growth in noteworthy bands trying to recapture the sound the indie/emo of the nineties - from "around zero" to "at least some" - and given how this is a genre that I am growing increasingly fond of with each band I check out, I decided to give a listen to the debút album of Philadelphia-four piece Everyone Everywhere's self-titled debút album, seeing as I had seen it labelled as belonging in such a genre.

And what the band delivers on this first album of here on their first LP does indeed bear the distinct sound of the 90's scene. Call it indie, or call it emo, in reality you could compare them to anything from the brighter songs of Moneen, to the rougher instances of Weezer's classic dork-rock. Personally, The Jealous Sound and The Get Up Kids come to mind first and foremost when I listen, but I'm sure afficionados will be able to find closer matches. Regardless, you probably know from those references what to expect. Guitar-lines halfway indie, halfway garage, creating moods that trigger feelings of joy, nostalgia and melancholia all at once, while a relatively high-pitched singer sways purposefully on the edge between on and off tune, delivering lyrics full of quirky perspectives on relatively trivial subjects.

Stuff like looking into the mirror making faces, taking a shower to wake up in the morning and trying to find somewhere without a GPS, all get a treatment during the better songs on offer, such as "Music Work Paper Work", "Fld Ovr" and "Blown Up Grown Up", and during such moments, EE are thouroughly enjoyable. However, repeat listens to the album reveal that there are unfortunately also extended periods where the band are either too busy endulging themselves instrumentally, or just a bit too casual to make things add up into moments that show the full extend of their potential. The result is a record that feels like a ride through moments of music that are of the well-known "feel good background music" kind, with a few jumps to "joyful singalong-worthy music" along the way. It's not quite consistent enough to command the attention of new-comers throughout, but 90's/classic emo revivalists should definitely check this one out.

Download: Music Work Paper Work, Blown Up Grown Up, Fld Ovr,
For The Fans Of: The Jealous Sound, The Get Up Kids, Moneen (if they relaxed a lot more),
Listen: myspace.com/everyoneeverywhere

Release Date 28.02.2010
Tiny Engines

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