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Written by: PP on 15/07/2006 14:31:48

Between The Buried And Me's last album "Alaska" was a critically acclaimed, album-of-the-year nominated masterpiece that will still be dissected 10 years from now. While we are waiting for their next studio record with the highest anticipation, the band decided to issue an all covers album "The Anatomy Of", which smells like the band just wanted to fill in their contractual obligations with Victory before leaving the label for a more suitable one. That being said, their covers are of rare songs not usually featured on covers albums, plus they all sound like Between The Buried And Me, which makes it a purchase of excellent value anyway.

The album kicks off with an awesome version of Metallica's "Blackened", full of the growled vocals we heard on "Alaska". Just like on the rest of the tracks on the album, the band hasn't just covered the song, they've given their own interpretation of it. So don't be surprised by an additional or modified guitar solo here and there. Motörhead's "Kickstart My Heart" and Queen's "The Bicycle Race" sound much more like their original versions, while the Soundgarden cover "The Day I Tried To Live" is even better than the original. Somehow, growled vocals fit on grunge rock perfectly, and it leaves me wondering why we haven't seen any growling grunge bands yet.

The King Crimson cover "Three Of A Perfect Pair" fits Between The Buried And Me perhaps the best, as it's filled with jazzy, exploring guitar riffs, and the vocals have been fitted to sound just like the clean parts on "Alaska". Similarly, Pink Floyd's "Us And Them" is perfect for the band who takes use of extensive jazz-jamming sessions throughout their studio albums. The Smashing Pumpkins cover "Geek U.S.A", Earth Crisis' "Forced March" and Sepultura's "Territory" represent the harder, more metallic covers on the album, and this is also where the band truly shines given their experimental metal background. It allows Tommy Rogers to use his deep growling perfectly, and adds a sinister twist to the songs that normally use a much softer vocal base.

"The Anatomy Of" has everything a great covers album should have. It isn't just the original songs played with note-by-note discipline in the studio, but instead features the band's own interpretation, which often bewilders you with its originality. It simply adds twists that are obvious but you never thought of before. It's perfect for both the fans of the band and the fans of the original artists, and a perfect carrot for us that are eagerly waiting for their next full length album.


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Release date 13.06.2006

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