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Too Many Humans

Written by: PP on 01/09/2010 02:33:58

Right, time to put boredom at work into good use, and hammer out a couple of reviews I've been meaning to write for a while now. First up is a band called The Last Felony from Montreal, Canada, whose sophomore album "Too Many Humans" is coming out on the excellent modern metal label Lifeforce Records. Judging by the imagery in both artwork and on their Myspace, you could have a wild guess and assume them to be a deathcore band, and you'd be right. Almost, at least. Whilst breakdowns and ultra-tight, modern production are the name of the game throughout the album, The Last Felony aren't afraid to nod toward technical death metal and modern death metal styles in right places. Serpentine riffs run amok reminding you of the Montreal DM background these guys grew up in, and the band's drummer is your typical deathcore maniac able to tear apart his kit at insane speeds and with great technical ability.

"Too Many Humans" follows a similar path as Job For A Cowboy on their latest effort, in that it isn't strictly deathcore but more of a return to the original inspiration of the genre: technical death metal. Genre purists will still shun the indecipherable-but-perfectly-produced growls and the overall mechanical sound that, according to many, lacks feeling almost completely (hint: Despised Icon are an influence), but there's no denying that The Last Felony are pretty good at what they do. They may play run-of-the-mill deathcore, offering no new angles or surprises to the genre, but you can't fault technical proficiency nor the brutality of the effort. And before you scream "that isn't brutal", try playing this at your grandmother's tea party and evaluate the effects that follow (N.B: try at your own responsibility).

Not much more can be said about "Too Many Humans". It's a standard deathcore issue which doesn't sound too far fetched from bands like The Red Shore, JFAC, Despised Icon and the like. Niche followers will pick this up surely, but given how similar it sounds to so many other releases in the genre, it's difficult to award it a mark any higher than this, despite the praise for the technical ability displayed on the record.

Download: We Are Future Housing Developments For Maggots
For the fans of: Job For A Cowboy, The Red Shore, Whitechapel, Oceano
Listen: Myspace

Release date 26.07.2010
Lifeforce Records

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