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Far From The Lies

Written by: PP on 15/07/2006 01:39:46

Greeley Estates was long hyped to be 'the next big thing' in emo after their critically acclaimed Warped Tour compilation song "Don't Look Away", but their debut full length album "Far From The Lies" only reassures what their debut EP "Caveat Emptor" already hinted: the band is nothing more than a generic emo/screamo act with transparent, way too predictable structure. Greeley Estates is a part of the third wave of screamo bands who were influenced by the success of bands like The Used and Glassjaw. Unfortunately, the band tries way too hard to be like their predecessors and never quite achieves to have a characteristic, unique 'Greeley Estates' sound that caused the immense popularity of their 'idols'. They can't seem to distinguish themselves from the neverending stream of bands in their genre who sound increasingly and inevitably like each other.

The harsh-soared screams still remind you of Bert McCracken who's having a bad case of a flu and clearly shouldn't have gotten out of the bed in the morning. I must admit, though, that they are quite enjoyable in the short run, however, when you spend a month listening to the album, trying to dig deeper into it, they start to annoy you more and more. Fair enough, this is his chosen vocal style, but frankly there are far better vocalists out there, and when his screams are supported by generic chord-based riffs that wouldn't even cross by The Used - well, you don't have much to offer to the oversaturated scene.

"Far From The Lies" fulfils and exemplifies all of the stereotypes people make about emo bands: quiet/loud dynamics, clean/screamed combos, one completely acoustic soft track and generic, forgettable riffs everywhere on the album. But with all this being said, it's not bad as such, just distinctively average.


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Release date 06.06.2006
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