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The Nemesis Construct

Written by: AP on 30/08/2010 23:21:45

A new wave of Gothenburg influenced melodic death metal has recently begun to emerge in Europe, with bands like Deadlock, Raunchy, Cinders Fall, Marionette, Darkness Ablaze, In Slumber and Emergency Gate taking a fresh look at the genre and ensuring its perseverance in the metal scene, so that future generations, too, may delight in this most wonderful of musical endeavors that the legendary At The Gates set loose. Unfortunately this reproduction of a timeless sound has its downsides, as none of these bands have managed to measure up, or even come close to the respect that the Swedes still command today, nearly 15 years after their band's demise.

Least of all Emergency Gate, if my humble opinion matters. You see, "The Nemesis Construct" is one of those albums that neither sucks nor excels, floating about in a limbo of decent, moderately memorable songs performed by capable musicians, who use tried and tested techniques to forge a safe sound that is sure to sell some copies through "recommended for the fans of" links, but which will ultimately fail to make any kind of lasting impact on the already over-crowded, saturated market. The problem is that in the beginning, Emergency Gate created dual melodic leads, vocals that alternate between growled verses and clean choruses, and atmospheric synths, saw that it was good and decided to leave as it was. What this of course means is that in the expanse of 13 songs, Emergency Gate apply their undeviating doctrine with extreme prejudice, effectively ridding the album of its potential foothold. I kid you not, with the exception of "World Escape", every song on "The Nemesis Construct" sounds disturbingly similar to the other, and what's worse, disturbingly similar to Soilwork's signature sound and song structure.

As such there really isn't much reason in recommending "The Nemesis Construct" for devout fans of melodic death metal, especially when the same is available in better quality from other bands (such as Deadlock, Raunchy and the aforementioned Soilwork). But then again, there isn't any justification for slandering the album either, because in pure technical and professional terms it is good. It just doesn't leave much of an impression.


Download: Diary of Nightmares, World Escape, An End to the Age of Man
For the fans of: Deadlock, Raunchy, Soilwork, Sonic Syndicate
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Release date 26.04.2010

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