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After claiming considerable attention with 2008's sophomore LP "Illuminate", a whole lot of people started looking forward to a great career for Lydia, however, when female singer Mindy White left the band to pursue a solo career, many started questioning instead if the band would even survive. For a while, things seemed positive, as the band confirmed that they would stay together and record another release titled "Assailants", however, soon they also confirmed that they would be splitting afterwards. So, now "Assailants" is here, it's Lydia's swan song, and it's time for us to determine if it makes us miss the band less or more.

Now, I'm not one for suspense, so I'm just going to go ahead that I've been a little underwhelmed listening to "Assailants". I won't be one to say it's all due to White's departure either, but the whatever the case, "Assailants" feels like Lydia are at the same time less focused and less versatile. Remaining singer (and guitarist) Leighton Antelman is surely not to blame, as his soft, Jonas Bjerre-ish (Mew) singing is as charismatic and passionate as ever. It's just that, while the sound of Lydia is still all tingling and pretty, it never approaches the intricacy and elegance that made the "Illuminate" songs so persistently memorable.

It seems to me like the songs may have become a little louder and a little less thought-out and confident. Maybe it's the band shaking from the blow of White's exit, maybe it's the sound of them knowing that their band is about to end. I don't know, but out of seven songs, only "We Clean Up So Well" and "I've Never Seen A Witch" make any sort of memorable impression on me, and in both cases I'm left with the feeling that I'd rather listen to "Illuminate" again. In this way, "Assailants" reduces Lydia to a band of the kind that may have a really good sound, which you don't mind having on, yet aren't producing the kind of songs which will compell you to return to listen later on. A bit of a shame I suppose, but then, after losing White, I guess chances are that Lydia would already be a bit disappointing no matter what. Let's just hope each member makes as good music in their future projects.


Download: I've Never Seen A Witch, We Clean Up So Well
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Release Date 20.07.2010

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