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Written by: PP on 27/08/2010 16:42:02

Someone's been listening to unhealthy amounts of early Green Day and Ramones. That someone happens to be The Putz, a small and unknown group of pop punkers from Indianapolis, whose debut album "Hole In One" is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek tribute to the past greats. The sharp listener will also be quick to notice influences from Mxpx's "Life In General" and why not also Screeching Weasels, plus other similar bands. Basically, the goal is to write simple three chord pop punk with care-free vocals that are easy to sing along to and laugh at (they have songs about spaceships), and in that right, The Putz are reasonably successful.

For the most part, "Hole In One" consists of super-simple, two minute, three chord pop punkers that have a nice feeling of energy and up-temponess to them, as dumbed down as that description might sound on paper. Deviation from the Ramones/Green Day mash-up formula is rare, but "I Do (What I Want To)" reaches into hardcore punk all of a sudden, and the second last track on the record, "Bride Of Frankenstein", is entirely sung by a girl, whose vocals actually fit The Putz perfectly. It could be interesting to see her used more, perhaps as an alternating vocal dynamic between her and Mr Putz himself?

At 16 songs, "Hole In One" is a tad bit too long for me to enjoy thoroughly, despite the short two minute length (or less) of most songs. There's only so much Green Day imitation you can take in a row, you know. That said, "Hole In One" is, despite it's high tempo throughout, a relaxed pop punk album that's most suitable for those who believe The Clash should reform and Ramones were the best band ever.

Download: Your Spaceship's Taking Off, Operation: Sneak Out, Institutionalized, Idiot Over You
For the fans of: early Green Day, Ramones, Team Stray, Jetty Boys
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Release date 27.06.2010
Spit, Puke And Guts

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