Excision Of Exorcisms

Written by: PP on 17/08/2010 22:04:52

The new album by Diabolic, "Excision Of Exorcisms", should be essential listening to any starting death metal band, because it exemplifies nicely how to take advantage of having two skilled guitarists in your lineup. One of the axemen specializes in forging a metal'n'roll base to the songs, thus adding speed and down-tuned grit to the music. Note here how it doesn't prevent him from occasionally playing hyper speed serpentine death metal riffs as well. The other dude's task seems to be to provide Diabolic with some kick-ass solos thrash metal style (with an obvious nod to Slayer but also to more modern influences), featuring tapped solos and juuuuust enough melody to make his stuff stand out in the music without dominating the 'roll base. When combined, the two vastly different guitar styles distinguish Diabolic from their peers, and add great rhythm/melody dynamic for a band as deeply vested in death metal territory as these guys.

There are a number of songs where their dual guitar approach works brilliantly, "Hellish World" and "Evil In Disguise" at the forefront. Here you have their vocalist grunting somewhere in between a Motörhead yell and a death metal growl, just barely decipherable enough for the listener to make out the lyrics. The instrumentalists smash the pedal to the floor and do what they do best: combine groove, stupendous speed and little droplets of melody to give a meaningful and an effective contrast to the double-pedal onslaught coming from the direction of the kit.

But despite pushing the death metal envelope slightly outside its confined origins, you can't mistake the morbid, brooding atmosphere as anything else but. The growls, the grunts and the serpentine riffs are all signature elements from the genre, so genre purists, don't fret, Diabolic aren't about to commit blasphemy here. That said, it's refreshing for once to meet a death metal band that dares to sound a little different than what is the norm in the genre. Get this if you'd like to hear some groove in your death metal.


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Release date 08.06.2010

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