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Are You One Of Us?

Written by: PP on 17/08/2010 14:39:41

The Glitterati are determined to bring back sleaze rock. In big style. Where most hard rock bands stumble and eventually fall down because their ridiculous attempt at cloning the past greats throws them straight into the generic/forgettable basket, The Glitterati instead offer a tongue-in-cheek, fun-filled expression that isn't afraid to go way beyond 'over the top' in order to hammer their point home: Rock'n'Roll was always meant to kick your ass with larger-than-life solos, distorted and scratchy vocal chords, plus a cheeky attitude destined to create armies of groupies like in the old school days.

"Are You One Of Us?" is The Glitterati's second full length, and the best way to characterize it is to re-iterate what I just said above: it's an over the top, kick ass hard rock / glam record with sleazy riffs and rock'n'roll vocals. The guitar screech and wail like in the golden days of the genre, helping the band forge that "they just kick so much ass" vibe, which surrounds every song on the record. Whether it's a "WOOAH" high pitch scream at the end of a lyric, effect-laden vocals or almost embarrassingly brave soloing and riffing, everything about The Glitterati emits rock'n'roll lifestyle and no-frills, ass-kicking hard rock atmosphere. Remember how The Darkness were portrayed as "the saviours of rock" half a decade back or so? Well, think of them, except much less gay and annoying, and much more awesome in every possible way. Think swaggering guitars, huge, ballsy riffs, and a solid vocalist capable of carrying the show on his own. If the attitude doesn't have you hooked in the band immediately, then the choruses will, because almost every song has a melodic one that'll stick like glue. If you thought hard rock couldn't deliver anything but generic derivative bands these days, think again.

Download: Fight Fight Fight, Right From The Start
For the fans of: Guns N' Roses, The Darkness, Mötley Crüe, The Wildhearts
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Release date 17.05.2010
DR2 Records

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