A Sequence Of Ghosts

A Sequence Of Ghosts

Written by: BL on 05/08/2010 16:41:05

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri is this melodic post-hardcore five piece A Sequence Of Ghosts. Supposedly the members all have had varying musical backgrounds before converging on what we see as A Sequence Of Ghosts today which I suppose is a plus, though I was wary about such statements before listening since often bands all like to tout themselves as being unique one way or another. And looking over what's presented here at just over nine minutes long and consisting of only three tracks, this self titled EP doesn't take long to get through and you more or less get the idea of the kind of sound the band is trying to go for.

That sound being a fairly familiar one I have to admit. Thick and grizzly rhythm guitars paving the way for the occasionally spacey sounding lead guitars that meander in and around, without really coming in full. The occasional breakdown which fortunately feel more natural than forced, and pieces here and there feeling a bit more dissonant without breaking the melodic barrier too much. It's a recipe well worn by already numerous bands in the genre. All with different names but sharing similar sonic identities for example - A Hope For Home, Oceana and Confide before somewhat of a coincidence, they all decided to change their sound in their latest releases. Therein lies my first small issue, it's a sound that is getting older and older without enough bands really trying to add something fresh. Arguably Confide got worse but my point still stands. It was a case of "Where have I heard this before.." as soon as "The Distance Between" even got under way.

Not to say this release is irrelevant at all ofcourse, because as often the case with the smaller and just starting acts is that there is a more genuine feel present that helps amplify the mood of the songs. Jesse Conn has a anguished scream that fits perfectly with the music, and there are no cheap vocal gimmicks aimed at hooking youngsters. The bassist Corey Keller adds some clean vocals that are perhaps a little cliched in their use, but manage to sound quite real and honest. Finally the lyrics are fairly well written, fitting the nature of the music with the slightly Christian slant that is again a common practice with so many faith driven bands in the genre.

A Sequence Of Ghosts don't really do anything wrong with this debut EP, but could do a lot better in a lot of aspects. I enjoyed the more emotionally driven aspects in the songs and the moments that tried to resonate with everything I like about post-hardcore - the melodies in particular. It's also too harsh a judgement to slate the boys for not trying to reinvent a genre with just three tracks when they do a decent enough a job. But unless you are a post-hardcore fan then I wouldn't really try to convince you to check this out other than out of curiosity.


Download: The EP
For the fans of: Confide(older), Oceana (older), A Hope For Home (older)
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Release date 25.06.2010

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