The Hungering Void EP

Written by: EW on 04/08/2010 23:26:52

What makes us slaves to the extreme salivate over the kind of music most find horrific is nigh on pretty well served on this here 3-song EP "The Hungering Void" by Swedish black/death metallers Withershin. Choosing to waste no time at all, "Wherein I Exalt" spills elements of Dissection, Watain and Marduk all over the canvas for a few minutes of the kind of riffing one can assume most bands get together with the sole purpose to try and hammer out as plentifully as possible. All the elements of what made fellow countrymen Tribulation's last album so good are apparent and while the song effectively falls into a stupor for the last 2 minutes with some random atmospheric droning and noises, it's a pleasing introduction to the band for someone like myself with no prior experience.

The title track is a more straightforward affair before "Crossing The Threshold" builds up from a slow start to the kind of heavy headbanging riff that would go down a storm in a support slot to any of the other bands mentioned thus far. Given the all round potency of these tracks I find myself wondering why Withershin have not just held them back for inclusion on the next album as 10 songs of this would equal an album thoroughly deserving of being checked out. In the meantime, Withershin have not reinvented the wheel on "The Hungering Void" but like Tribulation previously, they have shown that the performance of a marriage of black and death metal done with evidential passion can get even the most cynical of fans like myself nodding in approval.

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For the fans of: Tribulation, Dissection, Watain
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Release date 01.06.2010
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