Anywhere But Home EP

Written by: PP on 04/08/2010 15:30:08

Sometimes it's better to give the pen to the band itself. It's unlikely I could introduce you to Handguns better than they do: "What's up, we are a pop punk band from Harrisburg, PA. We believe in hard work and having fun. We don't have famous friends, we are not critically acclaimed, and no one in this band was ever in some famous band who's name we could drop or coat tail we could ride. But we will get up earlier than you and work longer and harder. That has to count for something." Sure, a lot of bands claim a similar work ethic, but on their debut EP "Anywhere But Home", that attitude to writing music and touring sparkles through every line in every song. These kids work hard, and even though it doesn't always pay off, this EP is proof that when you pour your heart into it, something good's bound to appear. The band itself sings on the album's best track, "Anywhere But Home": "I'd rather play three chords for three kids than spend one more day there, complaining about my dead end job not getting me anywhere. And it's more than just a tour, more than just these songs. It's the feeling of knowing that this is everything we've got.", a sympathetic verse that only makes me like the band more.

But more than just work hard attitude and passionate feeling, this record's about having fun and partying through the long summer months. There are seven tracks on the record, which (again) according to the band itself, sound like "The Movielifetime", pretty much guaranteeing a summer explosion on record with bright guitar lines and big woo-hoo choruses. I'd much rather compare them to bands like Set Your Goals and With The Punches, though, because despite a couple of hyperspeed d-beat tracks like "Pave The Way", Handguns specialize in clean vocal, chorus-driven high-octane pop punk with rough edges around the guitars in the vein of those two excellent bands. Just the sort of music that's made for big mosh pits in small outdoor venues during the summer. Infectious choruses, catchy hooks synonymous with melody-explosion, it's all there. It's a solid debut, and if you're at all into this type of music - pop hardcore as some like to call it - you should be looking into "Anywhere But Home" EP for your daily dose of summer-fun.

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Release date 02.05.2010

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