An Age Among Them

Written by: AP on 03/08/2010 18:29:04

Occasionally a band comes along, seemingly out of nowhere, that redefines the expanse of music and leaves the listener at a loss for words; breathless in the face of extreme sonic beauty. Rinoa, rising from the ashes of the now-defunct underground sensation Crydebris, is one of these bands. There simply isn't an adjective or superlative powerful enough to nail the devastating perfection that lies within the jewel casing of "An Age Among Them". It is difficult not to blow this into unjust proportions, yet the diversity and organic versatility with which the album drones along is truly special.

From the moment "Past Maidens" erupts one minute in, it is strikingly obvious that Rinoa have given it their all with this album, and the result is breathtaking. "An Age Among Them" provides the soundtrack to something more than a simple set of emotions, its cascading chords and resonating ambiance providing a borderline cinematic context, rich in detail and complexity despite its overt modesty. It elicits feelings altogether epic and uplifting, expansive and heavy, taking the listener through an introspective, often furious, but never chaotic collage of sonic imagery. Nostalgia, melancholy, confusion, anger and hope are but a few words conjured up when songs like "Sol Winds" and "An Empty Canvas" splatter the canvas with erratic brushstrokes and gentle shades, painting a picture that is overbearing in the most positive connotation of the word. Subtle melodies and atmospheric build-ups crash seamlessly into whispering quietuses leaving the listener baffled, forced to sit back and absorb the overwhelming amount of emotion pouring from the speakers part on behalf of the expansive instrumentals, part on behalf of Perry Bryan's skramz inspired, desperate howl.

Rinoa proves that there is beauty in the bleak, giving post-metal an aura of optimism with melodies that drone forward persistently, never outstaying their welcome. Songs like "This Land Will Hold Their Wings", "Fires in the Distant North" and "The Gates" burn so slowly that it may take some serious persevering to digest the full hour that this album occupies, but it absolutely needs to be listened to without distraction in order to reap the benefits of this emotional trip through soaring highs and completely crushing lows. As such it is difficult to pinpoint the definitive highlights of "An Age Among Them" - one of the distinct marks of an excellent album - but the lingering songs provide moment after moment of emotive junctures, giving way to a larger-than-life quality that sets Rinoa apart from most of their contemporaries. In this case though, the result would more aptly be named a larger-than-music characteristic, as instead of song after song of monotonous routine, "An Age Among Them" is a perfect example of how a product is more than simply the sum of its parts. As already mentioned, the album is cinematic in its ability to create something beyond eight post-metal songs; to evoke images and stories to complement the melodies; to capture a feeling of something... more.


Download: Past Maidens, Sol Winds, This Is Our View
For the fans of: Bossk, Cult of Luna, Devil Sold His Soul, The Mire, Mono
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Release date 15.03.2010

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