The Recovered EP

Written by: PP on 02/08/2010 22:32:45

Propagandhi's latest EP "The Recovered" has puzzled me lately because it's nearly a polar opposite of anything these guys have written in the past. First track "What Price Will You Pay" has a few technical punk rock sections, but the bass-guitar is unusually loud here, and the vocal style is a preachy, spoken-word one instead of the usual explosions-into-every-line that the band is known of. Not exactly your typical Propagandhi track, especially if you count in the weird tempo change into slow towards the end, but I guess that's what happens when you cover a track by Code Of Honor during the "Less Talk, More Rock" sessions.

Then you've got "Leg-Hold Trap", the only original Propagandhi recording on the EP, which instrumentally sounds just like Propagandhi usually does. Ultra-technical guitars, breakneck speed and generally a much higher degree of compositonal skill than other bands in punk rock. The vocals, however, are terrible. They're sung by the dude from The Weakerthans back when Propagandhi was still on Fat Wreck, and by God, they do not fit the band at all. They sound awkward, which admittedly was the purpose according to Chris Hannah (the lead singer), but I'm just not buying it. Finally, "Gamble" is a slow, Alkaline Trio-esque cover of Lowest Of The Low, which was a Canadian rock band back in the 90s. I don't think I'm alone in saying that Propagandhi isn't exactly your balladic mainstream rock-suitable band even in a cover disguise. Alas, "The Recovered EP" is a die-hard fans only record, that most other people should pass, as it's not very good and fails to reflect the awesomeness of this band otherwise. No clue why it's released 15 years after the originals were recorded, weird choice.


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Release date 06.04.2010
G7 Welcoming Committee Records

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