Zodiac Ass

A Monument Of Human Ignorance

Written by: PP on 02/08/2010 21:12:46

A stupid name like Zodiac Ass is likely to put most people off this Austrian quartet, but those into thrash metal legends, Testament, Sepultura, and Annihilator in particular, should take a brief listen to their sophomore album "A Monument Of Human Ignorance". It's no classic, but it ain't an album to bin either, because it pays tribute to its influences faithfully, be it the gruff 'macho metal' vocals, or the slaying riffs that are jam-packed with aggression. Simply put, Zodiac Ass play classic old school thrash metal, but at the same time, they aren't afraid to incorporate some more modern elements to the mix as well. This is something you'll notice from the strong usage of breaks as well as the melodic leads that raise their head quite often.

Make no mistake, however, this is no metalcore, Gothenburg metal or anything trendy like that. Just rough, muscular thrash metal that recalls the good ol' days in the genre. The problem with writing an album as such is that the classics are already out there and well-established, so it's a tough job to try and beat them even if you know what you're doing. Instrumentally, Zodiac Ass give lots of signs that they have everything under control, with a number of nice melodic hooks, but unfortunately they're lacking in the compositional skills. Too many songs sound alike and blend together, partly because of the lengthy instrumental-only passages they've included into the mix, and also because the vocalist sounds a little too much like yet another Cavalera imitator.

All things considered, however, "A Monument Of Human Ignorance" isn't bad by any means. It's pays its dues to the bigger and better bands that came before it, and it does so respectfully without losing its face. If the mentioned bands count among your favorites, you might as well give the record a spin or two, because it's probably right up your alley in that case.


Download: Hypocritic Politics, Prophet Or God
For the fans of: Sepultura, Annihilator, Testament, The Cavalera Conspiracy
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Release date 21.03.2010
Refused Records

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