The Linear Divide

Written by: EW on 31/07/2010 14:51:58

"The Linear Divide" is the debut album of one Anthony, a solo multi-instrumentalist project dubbed Orbseven which first took shape in 2004. While "The Linear Divide" has a strong black metal element to it, it is not of the raw necro style that most solo projects are; instead a strong industrial element overrides everything within this record, which to my most pleasant surprise, works better than could be expected. Don't expect too much in the way of pleasantries as the self-titled opening track brings the industrial vibe immediately, generating a dark sound backed by fluid death metal influenced riffing and a drum-machine backing that recalls a cross between Anaal Nathrakh, Jotunspor and odd moments of Satyricon. As things progress the death metal influence in the riffing increases as Orbseven's melding of industrial, death and black metal works in ways both subtle and harsh that I hardly knew existed. All from a one-man bedroom unit, who knew!

Into "Render Underworld" the fast thrashing nature is more potently black metal as though traces of Vader and Funeral Mist have made their way to my eardrums, it's the sound of Jotunsport I can best compare Orbseven's work as my only real experience of industrial-tinged BM. In "Thoth", a 9-minute closing track which already follows three other 9+ minute songs, the brutality reaches a pinnacle as once the industrial flourishes die down the Marduk-ian assault leaves little wonder as to where Anthony's primary influences lie. Infact, the collaboration of varying styles that has gone in to "The Linear Divide" have made for a record much better than the average for such a band. The gruff vocals do reek of a demo level feel while as a fan first and music writer second a drum sound feeling more machine than human does little to appeal to my senses it's usage has not been for all-out assault, instead giving the electronic element begun in the guitar tone further definition to it's sound. It might not be instantly catchy nor does the "The Linear Divide" possess a clean or physically brutal sound that many might look for, but it's a promising start in one of the few styles yet to reach saturation point.


Download: Thoth, The Unconscious Journey
For the fans of: Jotunspor, Anaal Nathrakh
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Release date 2008

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