Rise Rebel Seers EP

Written by: EW on 29/07/2010 23:49:27

One cannot blame me when I say that upon being given Blackstorm's EP "Rise Rebel Seers" to review I expected it to be some kind of 'pirate metal' project; a feeling heightened upon seeing the cover adorned with a rather ghost-like octopus. Having told you this fact, obviously I was wrong. On their debut EP (and second release after a 2008 self-titled demo) these Brighton-based guys play a stoner/sludge concoction recalling at various times Taint, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin and no doubt a host of other stoned names. Opening with a title track which smells of a hazy EW (no not me) jam session and a part-hardcore/part-clean vocal showing (read: Taint) Blackstorm's performance and production comes across as highly professional for a band of their status, through songs that even bordering 7 minutes manage to maintain a more consistent tempo than others in the league ever achieve. Despite being no more than 'decent' songs on their own rights, "Weakened By Division" and "Then You'll Drown" rather diligently show acumen in songwriting, notably in how Blackstorm have eloquently conjoined the number of differing riffs within each song to form a whole, a feature that is the downfall of many demo/EP stage bands. Good job.

"Closing In" is the most stonery offering of the five (read: Orange Goblin) before "Crush Every Mountain" finishes this 27-minute EP with it's best song. From the opening second it's powerful groove and enticing vocal lines dictate it will be damn good live and solidifies my conclusion that while not setting my world alight, "Rise Rebel Seers" is one of the best pre-first-album releases of any band I've heard in a long time, showing the benefit that comes with bands taking their time to hone a style before releasing a debut LP. Fans of stoner doom, do watch out for the Blackstorm.


Download: Crush Every Mountain
For the fans of: Taint, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard
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Release date 09.03.2010
United By Fate Records

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