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Written by: TL on 28/07/2010 22:34:02

Hm, so much for that plan about me posting at least one review a day huh? Ah well, less whining, more getting something done. The New Loud are getting busy this year, following an EP release earlier in February, the Milwaukee three-piece is already putting out their debút LP "Measures Melt", and apparently, I wasn't hard enough on them last time to scare them away from our reviewing queue. Let's give it another shot then shall we?

In such short time, it's only natural that little has changed. TNL still sound more British than they sound American, and despite tagging themselves as "New Wave" on myspace, I am still more inclined to call them new rave. Their prime cuts are still up-tempo numbers driven primarily by electronics that sound intentionally 'raw' (if such a thing can be said about electronics). There are guitars and drums in the mix sure enough, but make no mistake, this is an electro rock band with fat lines under the 'electro' part.

With added length to this release, it is also just natural for TNL to present some more varied content. Such is displayed back to back in "Wrapped In Plastic", the quirky acid-trip of which betrays the band's taste for Radiohead's attitude and experimentalism, and "Out Of Control" which is a flat out poppy and melodic little joy-ride in comparison, almost bringing Hellogoodbye to mind. Both tracks are highlights, but the most stand out track for me is "Get Lost", simply because the guitar actually comes into its own right here, adding some actual power beneath the aggressive synth signature.

However, I said it before, and it still goes, that the vocal work og singer/guitarist Shane Olivo is going to be a deal breaker for some, and while he seems to be doing technically fine on here, the flat attitude he sings with often annoys me to the point where I want to take the cd off. Keyboardist Jessi Nakles does a slighty more enjoyable job, but still, it's only when the two take turns fast enough to not get under my skin, that I feel like I can enjoy the actual music. In a world where singers are expected to be focal points, I see this as a tremendous problem for TNL's growth beyond that of 'niché band', and it seems they either have to do better in this department, or come up with some tunes and tricks that take the listener's attention further away from the singing. When they go to extremes, both aggressively and melodically, like on "Get Lost" and "Out Of Control", they're on the right track, but it's not quite enough yet. My overall impression is still one of a band that I would enjoy much more if the vocals (especially the male ones) weren't so.. Despondent? Annoying? You tell me guys.

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Release Date 06.06.2010
I Heard You Wanna Fight Me Records

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