Alpha Drone

Alpha Drone

Written by: EW on 28/07/2010 19:50:29

I come to review the self-titled release of Alpha Drone having been contacted by the man behind the entity, one John Gill doing some admirable self-publicity work for his one-man band. Obviously I've no prior knowledge of Alpha Drone but seeing 5 reviews on Metal Archives averaging 84% I had thought there would be some grounding for this mark being awarded to what is being described as 'dark ambient/noise, black metal'. However, after struggling to make it through two complete listenings I honestly cannot see where such gradings have come from, and refuse to censor my opinions merely cos the protagonist is in direct contact.

Having neglected to read the booklet at this point in time for fear of jeopardising my impartial view of the music within, I instead get 5 songs of the most hideously recorded bedroom BM I've ever come across. Take virtually any segment across the album's 38 minutes and it will make a Burzum recording sound clean and glossy in comparison; the midi-sounding guitars in the likes of "To Take Earth Back From Man" carry less weight than an inflated balloon (which is a pity for this song holds what sounds like the only (highly Burzum-ic) interesting riff) while the programmed 'drumsound' would have been better served if the sound of wet cardboard boxes being bashed by twigs were recorded. I sense greater intention is behind these recordings but to be labelled as 'dark ambient/noise' seems, to these ears, an attempt to justify such poorly recorded music with a dubious genre-tagging, while rating it up in the 80%+ leagues is an insult to albums that manage even an average 50-60% reward.

I don't decry others liking this (or anything similar) but one who does must accept that there is little basis for awarding even mediocre grades to such an album despite the piquing of one's interest. Despite how it may read I take little pleasure in shitting all over the creative efforts of another music fan but pretentious elitism must be removed for the basis of honest reviewing and this effort of Alpha Drone's has seriously tested my huge listening patience to the limit.


Download: To Take Earth Back From Man
For the fans of: Bedroom BM
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Release date Jan 2006
AOZR Recordings

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