Liberation Transmission

Written by: TL on 24/06/2006 13:57:44

With their sophomore record “Start Something”, Welsh rockers Lostprophets broke through to the mainstream. Now they’re back to show us they’re still alive and rockin’, and to do so they’ve created their third full-length “Liberation Transmission”.

Let’s just get one fact straight. This band is going to put the Rockfreaks slogan to the test, because you would be really hard pressed to find any rock’n’roll record out there, that has a more accessible and mainstream sound than this.

The entire record is clearly written with the intention of getting you hooked and keeping you hanging, and the songwriting does a damn good job at it. Undeniable choruses like those of first single “Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)” combined with real rock’n’roll energy fills the album and thankfully there are no tedious ballads to break the flow of the record (The only ballad is the last song, and it’s actually quite decent). The riffs and gangvocals remind you of late 80’ies/early 90’ies pop-rock like Bon Jovi, but doesn’t at all seem old or irrelevant.

The Prophets have been accused of ripping off the emo-scene, but I think that’s more due to frontman Ian Watkins’ fancy hairstyle than due to actual musical resemblance. You can, if you look hard enough, find bits of screaming reminding you vaguely of emo, but it’s not near being substantial. I the band should be accused of ripping someone off, it should be just about every band in the business these days. Listening to this record I am personally reminded of, among others, Foo Fighters, U2, American Idiot-era Green Day and Franz Ferdinand. Just listen to “Everybody’s Screaming” and tell me you’re not thinking Franz Ferdinand “This Fire”.

This is really nice though, as every song has its’ own identity, and the album can seem to be a snapshot of what’s stirring in the music industry of today. Lostprophets are obviously letting themselves become inspired by the things they like, shaping them into their own interpretations of good music without fear of being too mainstream or too unoriginal, and this serves the band in a big way.

The Prophets have created a quality record filled with accessible but great songs, and the only thing that really holds the album back, is the comparison to the perfection of the earlier “Last Train Home”. We simply know, that even though this is good, Lostprophets are capable of even better.

Download: Can’t Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Wont Save You This Time), Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
For the fans of: Catchy modern mainstream rock!
Listen: Lostprophets@MySpace

Release date 29.06.2006
Visible Records

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