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Fire Inside EP

Written by: PP on 26/07/2010 21:17:48

My previous review saw Mr Twist seeking influence from the Brit rock explosion of the last half of this decade, whereas Cardiff, UK based The Keys go way farther down the memory lane when it comes to referencing famous bands in their expression. Their previous band Murry The Hump recorded three sessions for late John Peel at BBC Radio One and enjoyed the tag of 'jangle pop' attached to everything they released; the story does not tell why they decided to change name to The Keys and switch to garage pop instead. However, bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, and generally 60s rock have been a huge influence to these boys, a little too much occasionally, as can be heard in the blatant "You Really Got Me" rip-off on "People Meet People".

Psychedelia in the vein of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club makes frequent visits on the background, but it's clear from the get go that The Keys are all about the 60s rock riff, fuzzy production, and a buzzing sound that's meant to make us remember the 60s in high spirits. But in all honesty, what's the point of referencing music from the 60s which has no relevance in 2010? Beatles, The Kinks & co already did everything that needs to be done in that genre - and too much in some cases if you ask me - so why do we need another clone-band with little originality to offer? Okay, maybe I'm being harsh because 60s rock isn't appealing to me in the slightest, because there are a couple of cuts on this seven track EP which are quite good. The boys clearly know how to hold their guitar and how to deliver a couple of pedal-oriented solos, and how to reference the era properly. It's just too bad that they're half a century late, so the only people who'd ever listen to this are those who want an ounce of nostalgia from a time period where music hadn't really developed to it's full potential just yet.


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Release date 07.06.2010
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