Little Immaculate White Fox

Written by: TL on 21/07/2010 23:26:41

Okay readers, let's get some more straight up rock'n'roll out of the way while I'm hot. This time I won't be an elitist bastard though. Okay, maybe a little, but not as much, I promise. The subject here is "Little Immaculate White Fox", the debút LP of Pearl. Pearl who? The moniker covers a bonafide rock'n'roll chick, with experience as a backing singer for Motley Crüe, Filter and her very own father, the mighty Meat Loaf.

As you might expect then, Pearl puts in a performance that suggests she could sing the phone book and still make it sound like a classic rock song, but what of the instruments? Are they up to par? Well, with contributions from Scott Ian (Anthrax), Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) and Ted Nugent, I think I'd be crucified if I said otherwise, so I am thankful that I don't have to. Basically, the veterans have delivered classy and authentic riffage, upon which Pearl has only needed to administer lyrics and impressive pipeworks to excell.

The lyrics however, prove to be a sticky point, as Pearl fortifies a point proven many times before: Just because you have a heartfelt love for rock'n'roll and an impressive set of lungs, it doesn't necessitate that you also have something very sophisticated or profound to sing about. Couple the heard-before nature of the content (see: songs titled "Rock Child" or similarly) with a very tradition-bound approach to both Pearl's singing and the songwriting in general, and fans of original music might as well realize that they've read the last three paragraphs for nothing.

If you're still reading however, you likely have a soft spot for traditional rock'n'roll, and in that case, you've come to a good place. Because in fact, the only other real drawback of this record is that it is 'one of those solo artist's albums' - By which I mean it's the kind of record where you can sense that the singer is merely showcasing her stuff on top of someone else's music, and that unified artistic vision is hard to spot. But then again, if you like your rock traditional, authentic and fronted by a mighty set of pipes, that's likely not something that's deterred you in the past, and I guess there's no reason it should do so now.

Download: Broken White, Nobody
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Release Date 05.07.2010

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