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Life Is Pain And Pain Is Our Life

Written by: AP on 21/07/2010 14:32:49

Far too long has the hungry readership gone unfed, hopeless and lost without the daily critique by this legendary scribe. But fear not, friends, for time has come to return to this righteous path of dissecting, destroying, and sometimes praising music. First in line is a four-piece from the exotic Querétaro in Mexico with their not-as-exotic debut album "Life is Pain and Pain is Our Life".

Like most of the other bands hailing from Latin and Central America, the focal point in Feel the Pain's music is overwhelming violence - something that they readily admit in their promotional material. The band was, quoting, formed with the intention of creating an aggressive and dark sound inspired by hatred and anger so as to express the inner violence that exists in each member's soul. And quite right, much of the album runs along those lines, with a crushing bass tone and heavily down-tuned riffs originating from the lowest frets of the guitar neck dominating the soundscape. The band's influences are thus abundantly clear: hardcore influenced metal à la Hatebreed, Chimaira and Throwdown, balls-to-the-walls fury from the books of the Cavalera family, and the obligatory Bay Area thrash coloration. Vocalist Izra's screaming technique, in turn, reminds me of Mark Hunter and Peter Dolving - so no surprises there either.

As such "Life is Pain and Pain is Our Life" offers nothing new to the scene, and aspirations to sound like their North American forefathers are scattered everywhere. There are, however, some exceptions to the uncompromising, and often uninspired, double pedal pummeling in songs like "Corporal Punishment" and "IV" - the latter of which features some gorgeous bass licks. Later on "Negative Life" introduces some variation with Lamb of God style instrumentation, but the icing on this stale cake is without a doubt the 8-minute progressive piece "Mind in Hell" that concludes the album.

Violence is something that dwells inside all of us, offers Feel the Pain, and those emotions must be recognised and harnessed in order to attain catharsis. If this is what you ask of music, then "Life is Pain and Pain is Our Life" might well tickle your interest, but remember that bands like Cavalera Conspiracy master this type of primal rage already, and in truth you'd be better off checking them out instead. What is needed here is something to set Feel the Pain apart from their contemporaries; like the tribal elements in Igor Cavalera's drumming, or the symphonic nuances in Chimaira's music.

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