Cardiac Arrest

Haven For The Insane

Written by: PP on 19/07/2010 19:34:40

Grindcore tends to arrive to in waves. We go a few months without receiving a single release in the genre, and then within a two week period about a dozen releases invade our mailbox. The good news is that it allows the scribe (me, as always) to go through a number of similar releases in a short period of time, giving a good overview of what's good and what's not; the bad news is that you're stuck with one genre for a while. Anyway, Chicago based Cardiac Arrest are next in line, and they're yet another band deviating from the textbook grindcore formula, even if it they do it ever so slightly.

The mixture boiling in the kettle this time around contains about half and half of Americanized old school death metal and grindcore. The result is a bunch of fierce and aggressive death metal tunes played with the groove and speed known from grindcore. They're fronted by a vocalist with a thick, solid growl pattern, who is the lone bright aspect in the whole band, as the songs themselves are all too anonymous and unambitious to stick out from the gray mass of bands doing exactly the same thing as these guys. There are some Swedish undertones to the crushing guitars, but for the most part Cardiac Arrest follow in the footsteps of other US death metal bands trying to revitalize the old school DM way. The problem is, however, that almost all of these bands are on par, if not much better, than Cardiac Arrest on "Haven For The Insane". It's a classic case of it's not terrible, but it's not very good either.


Download: The Blade That Reaps
For the fans of: old school DM with grindcore nuances
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Release date 08.06.2010
Ibex Moon Records

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