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Written by: PP on 19/07/2010 18:18:44

Ministry may be dead, but Al Jourgensen's still busy writing and producing anything and everything to do with industrial music. Revolting Cocks is a long-running side project to Ministry, and even though their lineup has resembled a revolving door at times, their sound has remained largely the same over the years. Featuring a tongue-in-cheek and a more 'rock' driven approach to the industrial genre, RevCo has often been considered as the teenage little brother to the more mature and politically oriented Ministry, as you can deduct from the title of their sixth studio album, "Got Cock?", or from any of the eleven track titles ranging from "Me So Horny" and "Poke-A-Hot-Ass" to "Dykes" and "Filthy Señoritas".

Crass humour is at the center throughout the album, so if you've grown out of the stage where saying 'fuck' and making toilet jokes were still funny, don't expect to like this album's lyrical content - at all. But ignoring the juvenile lyrical content, "Got Cock?" may be one of the finest RevCo albums, strictly musically speaking. The songs have always been geared towards European industrial/gothic clubs (Alcatraz @ Milan anyone?), but "Got Cock?" finally lifts the dance-y beats and solid guitar hooks to a level where they're more than just anthems for the rave people. "Filthy Señoritas" is catchy, the effect-laden guitars in "Dykes" are superb, and the fan club tribute "Piss Army" reaches out to hardcore to suck in some inspiration. When RevCo are at their best on "Got Cock?", you feel like you've been thrown in the middle of a dark, industrial rave party where glowsticks and absinthe shots are the name of the game. And they're at their best throughout the album, so "Got Cock?" might even be one of the select few albums to use as an introduction to the industrial genre for people not into it in the first place. Crazy effects, technical guitar passages, and a funky dance-floor vibe are mixed seamlessly throughout the record to arrive at one of the most complete RevCo albums in a while. Highly recommend for RevCo fans, and those curious about what the genre is all about.


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For the fans of: Ministry, Pigface, Acid Horse
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Release date 01.07.2010
AFM Records

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