Forgotten Fields On Fire

The Face Of Ignorance EP

Written by: TL on 18/07/2010 16:07:13

The first band that comes to mind when I listen to "The Face Of Ignorance", the demo EP from Danish indie-duo Forgotten Fields On Fire, is another Danish indie outfit, namely The Rumour Said Fire. Both bands trade in a variety of the floaty, chilled out indie that thrives well on these shores, with Forgotten Fields On Fire separating themselves mainly via a nasal lead vocal that's very brit-rock in its sound. Occasionally, it is backed by a more airy voice alá Beatles/Beach Boys, while acoustic guitar, drums and a variety of effects paint the backdrop for the three songs on offer.

The main good thing to say about this disc is that FFOF seem to have their sound pretty well figured out, and both performance and production is "ready to go". The songs are not bad either, appearing reasonably catchy even as they drift by you at a relaxed pace. I do have a few questions though - If you already have your shit together, then why not get ambitious and record a bit more material? And what's with the bandname? I can't help but fear that it sets the band up to be mistaken for/compared to The Arcade Fire and/or The Rumour Said Fire (and God knows what other indie bands are named in a similar way) and I'm not sure that a comparison would be in their favour just yet.

Regardless, I guess all I'm really trying to say is that this is solid for a demo, but for FFOF to really start impressing people, they just need to step up and put out a 'real' release with some more music on it. Quality check. Quantity?

Download: Live By Heart
For The Fans Of: Beatles + The Rumour Said Fire + Vampire Weekend

Release Date Q2 2010

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