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The Sky And The Mirror

Written by: TL on 17/07/2010 19:21:48

Another day, another attempt at squeezing in a quick review before being summoned elsewhere. Today's subject is Draw Me Stories, a three-piece from the UK who claim to play a mixture of indie and folk rock here on their 2009 EP "The Sky And The Mirror". The EP features four songs, and the first and last are the two that do the must justice to the claim to the folk rock tag, being up-beat and reminding me easily of Mumford & Sons. The songs rise from humble beginnings to having the acoustic guitar strummed more and more intensely and to backing vocals coming in to aid the lead singer, who sounds a tiny bit like the singer in We Were Promised Jetpacks, except not anywhere near as Scottish.

On the two tracks sandwiched in the middle of the EP, Draw Me Stories try their hand at slightly different things, with "Spiders" slowing the pace a bit, allowing for a more weighty, dramatic and troubadouric style alá The Decemberists. "Heart Attack" on the other hand, seems to clash with the other three tracks, in being much a much more funky than folky experience.

The soundscape on here sounds acceptably mature, and one can imagine Draw Me Stories playing solid live shows in smaller venues around their general area. I think however, that they need to sort out what to do with the funk influences - either incorporating them more seamlessly or omitting them - before they can ascend to bigger stages. And then there's the matter of this four-track EP being a bit cautious, considering that what Draw Me Stories does well here, Mumford & Sons already did considerably better, and they exploded into view with a whole LP full of catchy songs. In time, that means Draw Me Stories will have to prove that they have an angle of their own which is worthy of your time, or face having been beaten to the punch. Such speculations aside however, on its own accord, this EP is a characteristic and solid enough disc to please your ears if you do get to hear it somehow.

Download: The You & Me Theatre, Blindfold
For The Fans Of: Mumford & Sons, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Decemberists
Listen: myspace.com/drawmestories

Release Date Q4 2009

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