Mornington Crescent Now Open

Written by: TL on 16/07/2010 13:14:15

Aaaand I'm back, eager to treat you to another quick review before heading to the beach to enjoy the summery weather. The next band to be 'victimized' is Ramona, a pop/rock four-piece from Toronto, Canada, who are on their very first release with the EP "Mornington Crescent Now Open".

The sound the band trades on this first offer of theirs is a chilled out, easily enjoyable brand of poppy rock, with bright keys alá Motion City Soundtrack supplementing the simplistic guitar chords and a relaxed vocal delivery alá Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) in charge of delivering supposedly catchy lyrics. There are six songs on offer, and of those, all are easily digested and enjoyed. As for being easily remembered, I'm not sure the quality is quite as consistent, but especially tracks two and six, "A Way Over" and "Kids In Tokyo" seem catchy enough to have some staying power.

Apart from that though. There's not a whole lot to be said about Ramona just yet. They don't seem to care overly much about being particularly unique or otherwise separating themselves, rather it would appear that they're intent on making a name for themselves simply through the writing of good old-fashioned catchy tunes. "Morningtong Crescent Now Open" is their first attempt at it, and not a bad one at all, but it still leaves lots of space for the band to improve and make a stronger impression in the future.

Download: Kids In Tokyo, A Way Over
For The Fans Of: Weezer, Motion City Soundtrack, Hellogoodbye
Listen: myspace.com/shebearsband

Release Date 2010
Pacific Ridge Records

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