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I Found Myself Asleep

Written by: TL on 15/07/2010 23:55:53

From zero to two reviews in a mere two hours! What a marvel of productivity I am. Seriously though, here's another review, this time of a somewhat less prolific band. She Bears are an indie-rock five-piece from Athens, Ohio, whose début LP "I Found Myself Asleep" has been sent to us for consideration. On it, these five weirdos (just look at the picture on their myspace) layer noisy guitars and keys on top of the listener, featuring buzzy production and singers who seem to make it a point to sing halfway poorly.

The first band that jumps to mind for comparison is easily Pavement, though fans of Modest Mouse and Tigers Jaw could also think of those, however, despite a wealth of quirky ideas, She Bears have some issues to iron out before any record of theirs makes it to my hall of fame. Mainly that each of the three bands listed below here, all have released several records on which this style was executed more convincingly, and considering how much She Bears borrows from Pavement's chest of ideas, it's all too clear how much they're lacking in charisma when compared to their influences.

Still though, there's at least one memorable song on here, and in my opinion that one would be "Planes", and apart from it, most of the record is fairly enjoyable as well, simply because music of this tone and style is so uncommon today. There are so few bands around doing it, and even fewer doing it well enough to deserve being spoken off, and with Pavement reuniting, one can easily feel happy to allow room for at least one more decent band of their kind. Just do yourself a favour and make sure you put them and at least Tigers Jaw ahead in the line before you consider if She Bears is worth a shot with you.

Download: Planes
For The Fans Of: Pavement, Modest Mouse, Tigers Jaw

Release Date 23.03.2010
Deep Elm Records

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