The Suffering Of Man

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After a ten year long break New York hardcore veterans Subzero are back with their sophomore album, "The Suffering Of Man". Their European label, Scarlet Records, describes Subzero as "hardcore legends" and to be honest that makes me a little bit confused. Yes, Subzero has been in the music scene for a long time (since 1989). Yes, the band consists of popular musicians; the members of the used to be popular in the 80s bands such as Breakdown and Up-Front and the new drummer Walter Ryan a.k.a "Monsta" who also played drums for Machine Head, Possessed and many others. And yes, the band toured with great bands during the past years. But I don't think that these facts are enough to make a band "legendary", especially as we think that they just released their second album in their 17 year career.

"The Suffering Of Man" seems like the band has reborn with a new record deal and a new line-up. The album is surely darker and harder than their debut release and without any doubt it has familiar rock-guitar tones, catchy punk elements, and an eighties hardcore feel to it. The band naturally mixes 'Cro-Mags' style hardcore with elements and characteristics of classic underground metal (Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Motörhead) along with almost “rock like” grooves that you would hear from the likes of Deftones or even Black Sabbath.

The album cover is not the most creative one I have ever seen. I couldn't find any information about who did it but it is certain he/she has seen the cover of Mindset's 1997 self-titled album at least once. There are three differences between the covers: On Mindset's cover, the little angel has three arrows on his back, no blood on the floor and the band's logo is below. But on Subzero's cover, the little angel has one arrow on his back, some blood on the floor and the band and the album name are on the right of the cover. Not so creative as you see.

Subzero are an original, one of a kind style blood curdling hardcore act and are ready to unleash some serious frustration. Scarlet Records are sure that it will tear your head off but i think you better decide it yourself and do not forget to stream the songs before buying the album.


Download: The Underground, Swingin' From The Noose
For the fans of: Sick Of It All
Listen: Subzero@MySpace

Release date: 18.04.2006
Scarlet Records
Provided by Target ApS

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