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Played In Space: The Best Of Something Corporate

Written by: PP on 15/07/2010 17:12:36

Something Corporate were massive at the beginning of the last decade, releasing three critically acclaimed albums in four years before going on hiatus during the summer of 2004. Three albums may not be much for a band on any scale, but these guys made it count on each one of them. Chances are pretty high that you'll have heard a couple of Something Corporate songs somewhere without knowing it, as tracks like "Space", "I Woke Up In A Car", "Hurricane", "If You C Jordan" and "Me And The Moon" dominated the radiowaves for a long while, and are still featured occasionally in rock / pop stations around the world. What made Something Corporate so good wasn't that they were supremely original by any means. In fact, if it wasn't for their Coldplay-inspired piano ballads and quiet alternative rock pieces, they'd probably be accused of being a New Found Glory clone because of how closely their vocalist Andrew McMahon follows Jordan's nasal singing style and how the music borrows heavily from pop punk in places. But what Something Corporate were extremely good at was integrating an intense emotional charge to each song. That's why many consider them an essential band when it comes to emo-pop punk, and almost certainly an influence to bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, one one of the reasons why New Found Glory wrote "Coming Home" and maybe even "Catalyst".

Because of these credentials, Geffen records figured that it's about time people hear their best songs again. "Played In Space: The Best Of Something Corporate" is titled the way it is because "The Astronaut" was played as a morning wake up call to space shuttle astronauts a few years ago by NASA control center. Not all bands can say their music has been echoing through radio waves in space, eh? It contains 14 of the best Something Corporate tracks, plus a six track, 28 minute bonus EP with two brand new tracks and a couple of remixes thrown in for good measure. Now if you're at all like me and can't remember / don't know that much about Something Corporate, this best of compilation is a great reminder / introduction to the band, underlining exactly why this band used to be so highly revered back in the day. "Punk Rock Princess" is the definition of a pop punk anthem, "Me And The Moon" is one of the best pop ballads I've heard (Keane etc, you have nothing on this track), "I Woke Up In A Car" has a deadly chorus that has the effect of making anyone fall in love with this band. Much like the recent Pavement best of record, "Played In Space" contains the essential Something Corporate tracks for someone interested in checking out the band. It has been long enough (7 years) since their last studio album for a new generation of kids to not have knowledge for Something Corporate, and that's why even as a best-of 'cash grab', "Played In Space" deserves high marks. The songs are just too good for anything else.


Download: Space, Punk Rock Princess, Me And The Moon
For the fans of: New Found Glory, Coldplay
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Release date 27.04.2010
Geffen Records

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