The Grind Years

Written by: PP on 13/07/2010 13:47:53

Grindcore assault number two, my friends, and I'm afraid we're still not very high on the rating scale. What we are, however, is still very far back in the past. Psycho was active between 1981 and 1994 before reuniting in 2006 to play shows around the Boston area. "The Grind Years" is a collection of compilation tracks, seven inch EPs, and split EPs that the band recorded between 1990 and 1994 when they switched direction from hardcore/punk to strict grindcore. That 52 tracks and 12 separate releases are being reissued on a single cd is positive; releasing it 16 years later when nobody cares about the band is questionable at best.

Nevertheless, grindcore it is, albeit with distinct 80s hardcore undertones. Psycho aren't as fast as their label mates Agathocles, and rely mostly on grunted hardcore vocals than disgusting and/or deep growling. That sets them apart from many other grindcore bands, but unfortunately for the listener, "The Grind Years" largely sounds like it was recorded through a shoe. The guitars wrench, break and dissonnate violently. When they don't, they sound hollow and the drums sound completely flat. Not exactly the kick in your face as you'd expect from any modern grindcore album. Nonetheless, you can still hear bits and pieces of Nasum in their sound, mixed seamlessly with references to Discharge. But after checking out the band's hardcore production on Myspace, it becomes rather clear that Psycho should've stuck to writing hardcore instead, they're just that much better at it than here, where the songs are nothing-saying and lack the aggression and chaos usually associated with grindcore releases. P.s. whoever designed that Myspace page should be crucified in the web designers' court.


Download: Mass Consumption
For the fans of: Nasum, Discharge
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Release date 23.03.2010
Selfmadegod Records

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