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Rite Of Passage

Written by: PP on 10/07/2010 21:59:17

So I heard you like Pennywise, old school The Offspring, local Copenhagen hardcore punkers Stars Burn Stripes, and a ton of prolonged woo-hoo choruses in your music? You might wanna check out "Rite Of Passage" by Sweden's Growing Pains if that's the case. It's a seven track EP jam-packed with tributes to said bands. No, it's not original in the slightest, but fuck that. The guitars are tight, the songwriting is solid, and the songs are breakneck speed and melodic at the same time. What more do you need from punk rock music? Exactly.

"One Chance", for instance, sounds just like "Americana"-era The Offspring with added gang shouts, with hints and nuances of Stars Burn Stripes added in for good measure. Not that Growing Pains have even ever head of SBS (presumably), but the similarity is undeniable in at least a couple of spots. "The Rise" recalls "Land Of The Free"-era Pennywise to the extent that you have to go and double check you didn't accidentally play that particular record. Or any Ignite album for that matter. From here on, though, it's The Offspring imitation all the way through with varying degrees of success. When Growing Pains get it right, circle pits and mayhem will ensue as people will go crazy to these songs - all it takes is a great chorus, melodic, high-octane guitar work and a lightning speed d-beat drum pattern. However, when they fail, like on the annoyingly average and nothing-saying "Reminisce", they're just another clone band. Alas "Rite Of Passage" is one of those hit-and-miss records. You'll put it on, like a couple of tracks, ditch the rest, and await further development in the future, hoping that the band will nail it on their debut album.

Download: The Rise, One Chance
For the fans of: The Offspring, Pennywise, Ignite, Stars Burn Stripes
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Release date March 2010

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