Bulldog Courage

From Heartache To Hatred

Written by: PP on 10/07/2010 21:06:15

Despite hailing from Albany, New York, Bulldog Courage don't play New York Hardcore. They sound surprisingly European for an East Coast hardcore band, carrying obvious influence from street punk kings Discipline, old school Oi punkers Cock Sparrer as well as a number of other similar-sounding bands. This is pure anthemic, fist-pumping hardcore where instrumental prowess has been left aside in favour of shout-alongs and songs about family and friendship. You know what you're in for when there's a song called "Punk Rock Princess" with lyrics such as: "a punk rock princess, queen of the fucking scene. Her attitude was like a switchblade knife, the kind of girl that can ruin your life".

There are moments on the record where Bulldog Courage sound just like positive hardcore champions Good Clean Fun. The clean/yelled vocal dynamic in "Old Friends Die Hard" is a good example, mixing in sounds from H2O as well, and the chorus of "All My Friends" is another. The latter in particular could've easily been on "Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place". But for the vast majority of time, "From Heartache To Hatred" references early 90s European street punk scene, and it does it rather well. The record is packed with groovy three chord riffage and sticky choruses that invite for mass chant-alongs at live shows. They're good songs without being excellent, and at just 35 minutes, the record is precisely as long and as short as it needs to be, giving you a much-needed injection of street energy and attitude when necessary without overstaying its welcome.

Download: Punk Rock Princess, Old Friends Die Hard, All My Friends
For the fans of: Discipline, Cock Sparrer, Wisdom In Chains, Good Clean Fun
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Release date 01.05.2010
WTF Records

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