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From the land of brutal thrash metal, I bring you Lautstürmer and their appropriately titled debut album "Depopulator". That is, if the purpose of the band is to depopulate packed venues from people, because despite riveting through the album at a constant pedal-to-the-floor speed, the listening experience leaves the thrash metal fan cold. Production is a shoddy, resulting in muddy riffs where clarity is desperately needed, and as such, it is near-impossible to identify the songs from one another.

One punked up crust/thrash metal song after another with your stereotypical yelled thrash'n'roll vocals on top races by without leaving much of an impression. You can hear the influence of Motörhead on these guys, as numerous crust/punk bands of the 80s, but the problem is that each time these parallels appear, you also realize that every single one of those bands are/were much better than Lautstürmer. That's why even after 10 active listening sessions, no single track title, riff or a sequence sticks to mind from this mess. Avoid.


Download: Hold The Hellevator (or any track really, they sound identical)
For the fans of: Driller Killer, Motörhead, high-octane crust punk
Listen: Myspace

Release date 21.05.2010
Power It Up / Cargo Records

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