Nobody's Daughter

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Another 90s group that reunited in the last 2 years to release a new album are Hole, who split up in 2002 after selling eight million records world wide. Most will remember them from the excellent alternative rock album "Celebrity Skin" in '98, but Hole enthusiasts probably look back to 91's grunge-explosion "Pretty On The Inside", which was one of the most influential albums for Brody Dalle (The Distillers) among others. Lots of controversy and drama surrounded the release of "Nobody's Daughter" because it involves neither Melissa Auf Der Maur nor Eric Erlandson, both founding members of the band, who were reportedly not consulted about the Hole 'reunion' consisting only of Courtney Love and three brand new members. Recipe for a disaster, but somehow Love pulls it together for another good splash of the 90s for those of us who've been longing real rock records for the last five years or so.

Just like Stone Temple Pilots, Hole effectively sounds like time has been in stand-still since 1998's "Celebrity Skin". "Nobody's Daughter" features precisely the same acoustic/electric guitar dynamic that previously sold those millions of records, bringing back a nostalgia-filled, grunge-drenched, Malibu-styled alternative rock sound that makes you feel like you're driving through Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and other celebrity-infested LA areas. Courtney Love still sounds like a pissed off bitch comparable to none other than Brody Dalle out there, with her angrily sung clean vocals often spilling directly into screams and melodic screams where you feel like she really means what she screams. See lead single "Skinny Little Bitch" for a perfect example, though there are no tracks as aggressive as "Violet" I must add. "Someone Else's Bed", on the other hand, is an acoustically driven ballad which shows off Courtney's impressive vocal range - love her or hate her, you have to admit that she has one heck of a voice for her gender. Few female voices come across as powerful and strong as Courtney does throughout this record, and when you combine that with solid compositional skills that rely on good songs rather than some vain artistic dream, you've got a mainstream rock product that you can sell - and one that you can buy without feeling the slightest hint of embarrassment.

Sex, drugs, and filthy rock seems to be the lyrical theme throughout the record, which is only fitting for Kurt Cobain's widow and her train wreck lifestyle. This is a record about drugging it up in Los Angeles, smoking ten packs of cigarettes a day, and playing rock music the way it was meant to be played in the riot grrrl times. Think back when people in bands were superstar celebrities worshiped by fans, when it was 'us and them', where a clear distinction existed between the bedroom rocker and the famed superstar escorted by security guards in and out of venues with outrageous after parties. Hole is that band with or without Melissa and Eric; rock bands today just don't come like them anymore.

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Release date 26.04.2010
Mercury Records / Island Def Jam

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