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Written by: DR on 04/07/2010 17:56:38

Okay, “Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Football, etc split 7”” is not something I plan on typing out again during the course of this review, neither do I the former band’s ridiculously convoluted name in particular. I would however love to know the reasoning behind both of their odd names. Still, there are some benefits to having weird names: you sure as hell will remember them! For that reason, some of our regular readers might have recognised E!E! from their album “What It Takes To Move Forward”, which was a rather delicious slice of 90s indie/emo. Football, etc are also a slice of 90s indie/emo, also on Count Your Lucky Stars, but are relative unknowns in comparison.

Split albums are often used as a good tool to promote a lesser-known band by releasing some of their material with one of the greater-known acts of a genre. Such is the case here. E!E! are growing and growing in reputation, Football need a reputation. It makes sense their label would put this album out.

There is only one song from each band, “Documenting Thirty Days For Media” from E!E! (Seriously, have these guys ever used a title that isn’t a sentence?) and “Fightin’ Phoenix” from Football. As you have probably guessed, those regular characteristics of the genre are present: the drawn out vocals, making them seem all the more sincere, and they have lofi production which brings the best out of the laid-back musicianship. There are differences, however. Football are fronted by a female for a start, and have a more overall upbeat (dare I say pop-y?) aesthetic, especially when compared to E!E!, whose vocals in particular are heart wrenchingly tragic, but wonderfully so.

This 7” is best served as a taster, an introduction to each band – merely an indication of what the future holds for them both, and if this split is anything to by, that will surely be big things.

Download: Fightin' Phoenix, Documenting Thirty Days For Media
For The Fans of: Tigers Jaw, Mineral
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Release Date 16.06.2010
Count Your Lucky Star Records

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