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Written by: TL on 14/06/2010 23:20:02

I have an important exam tomorrow and I shouldn't be writing reviews, but I've been kept from it for too long, and I need to gather some momentum, so here's a quick hipshot at Breathing Blue's self-titled début EP, in an effort to write my way out of what feels like a writer's block.

Before listening to this, I have never heard of this débuting band, but listening to the six tracks offered by this first EP of theirs, I can comfortably relate to you my discovery of a soundscape in which math-rock and indie elements are attempted bent into shapes of sweeping, accessible rock tunes. The resulting instrumental impression is not entire unlike my memories of bands like Damiera and The Junior Varsity, yet such comparisons seem less important than those that come to mind, as soon as the vocals have made their own impression. Taking center stage early in the opening track "A Star In The West", singer/pianist Justin Sanford's croon reveals itself as a somewhat sharp (almost grating) experience, sure to divide opinion among listeners who aren't used to similar voices, such as those of Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil) or Nic Newsham (Gatsby's American Dream).

While the similarty in vocal style is enough to draw my comparisons mainly to bands such as those two however, my evaluation of the performance falls, unfortunately for Breathing Blue, somewhere in the dull area between 'annoying' and 'exciting', leaving the compositions to fend for themselves, with four of the six failing to make an impression either better or worse than the vocals. On the upside however, the second song "Chase The World", and the enclosed bonus track "Sparkle" go a stretch towards redeeming "Breathing Blue EP" in my eyes, featuring melodies that are instantly more remarkable than the remaining tracks, all of which somehow stumble too consistently to fulfill their inherent potential.

Still though, the overall feeling is a better one than most upstart bands can hope to nail in their first try, and while I think this début EP only hovers ever so slightly above average, Breathing Blue at least seem to have enough drive and ambition to improve, come hard practice and better recordings.


Download: Chase The World, Sparkle
For The Fans Of: Pierce The Veil, Isles & Glaciers, Gatsby's American Dream, Damiera

Release Date 11.06.2010
ES Music

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