The Creatures Of Loviatar

Written by: PP on 20/06/2006 01:07:04

There's no way in hell Mirzadeh could be from anywhere else than Finland. Their dazzling keyboards are borrowed from Children of Bodom, the vocals impersonate Lordi combined with Wintersun, and the wretched, dark guitar melodies could be from any HIM or Amorphis album, and the atmosphere would just seem strange on a Scandinavian band, let alone an European one: This is dark metal in its truest form.

With all that being said, is there anything original to Mirzadeh? Well, consider this for a fact. Their songs are fantasy tales based around the Finnish legend of Kalevala, and more precisely, around the mountain of Pyhävuori. I would imagine Mirzadeh being your first pick of background music if you're playing a fantasy role playing game, because the dark melodies paint Lord Of The Rings-style scenery and textures into your head.

Stylistically, "The Creatures Of Loviatar" features relatively simple chord-based riffs with few leads, and vocals shrieked in a manner just barely recognizable without a lyrics sheet. But despite the few highlights on the album, I find it hard to take this album seriously as it is leaning towards the fantasy-side of metal even more heavily than Lordi. While that's okay for some, it's just too much for me.

Download: "Precious Death", "Louhi's Legacy"
For the fans of: HIM, Lordi, Finntroll
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Release date 10.07.2006
Provided by Target ApS

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