The Devil's Blood

The Time Of No Time Evermore

Written by: EW on 10/06/2010 23:45:23

Incase you thought otherwise from my previous review, Sabbath Assembly are not the only female-fronted, 60s/70s rock influenced band that have been burning up my speakers of late, as I now introduce to you The Devil's Blood. This extremely rare occurrence, given that I suffer an allergic reaction upon hearing bands utilising female vocals in uninspired poppy means, can only describe how interesting these two records are to my tired and weary ears, both aiming for and achieving records of intense retrospective action while never straying into the territories of parody or cliché like many other 'retro' bands across varying genres.

No doubt in part due to their monicker, this Dutch troupe have been banded about and talked of highly in black metal circles in recent times - a pleasant occurrence from such an insular narrow-minded genre. But no, TDB are classic, psychedelic rock, recalling the freedom of true rock spirit and honest natural sound that is virtually absent in the music of today. That they proffer a deeply spiritual and Satanically dark lyrical stance, in combination with live performances drenched in blood, seems an obvious connection to the world of black metal but instead I can instead throw similar artists like Thin Lizzy, Coven, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Jefferson Airplane your way through songs like "I'll Be Your Ghost", which could be a chart hit if it wasn't too damn good for the general public to accept, the trippy "The Antikosmik Magick" and my personal highlight, "Christ Or Cocaine". That 60s/70s sounding rock didn't need to be full of complex time-signatures, gravity blasts or 800 riffs per song to be technically accomplished is demonstrated across "The Time Of No Time Evermore"; products of the recent generation might bemoan it's lack of heavy and that it sounds more like a real band than a digitally-enhanced symposium of clicks and beats, but kids, this is where it all started and this is where it will all finish.

Despite all the praise lavished upon on this, TDB's debut full length, and my worshipful words above, I still don't see "The Time..." as the band's finished article. From the cover downwards the product is of utmost dignity and compassion but with a few more songs as perfect as "Christ Or Cocaine" in it's locker we could be talking about a true all-time great rather than the very good record it undoubtedly is. "House of 10,000 Voices" lavishes grandeur upon their frontlady's soulful vocals (I cannot find her anywhere!) and "Queen Of My Burning Heart" sounds like a song Thin Lizzy should have penned while for an 11-minute closer "The Antikosmik Magick" is thoroughly engaging throughout. Who am I kidding, this is one of the most enjoyable records I've heard in quite some time and the work of a band destined for big things, and with the potential to further improve from here. All I can say is I suggest you join the cult before it's too late...

Download: Christ Or Cocaine, I’ll Be Your Ghost, House of 10,000 Voices
For the fans of: Coven, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath
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Release date 09.11.2009
Ván Records

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