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Written by: PP on 10/06/2010 22:11:08

Kills & Thrills originate from the same Long Island, New York hardcore scene as critically acclaimed, hardcore punkers This Is Hell. Their new album "Liars" indeed shares many of the same characteristics, starting from the uncompromising yells of their vocalist and a desire for simplicity in the instrumental department. Other names quickly popping to mind are Cancer Bats, A Girl A Ghost A Gun, The Hottness, Since By Man and Every Time I Die, but I'd best describe Kills & Thrills as a halfway point between the piercing post-hardcore of Since By Man and the fierce, aggression-filled delivery of This Is Hell.

So as you can see, the credentials behind the band are definitely in order. "Liars" lies in the fiercest and grooviest end of the hardcore realm, so if you're looking for sugarcoated and/or accessible melodies, those are nowhere to be found here. The strength of the band is their unrelenting delivery and the ferocious vocalist, but that's more or less the end of the road for these guys. The songs blend together into one monotonous hardcore mess, with little deviation in tempo and/or song structures. While it's clearly designed with the live energy in mind, the songs just don't work up the listener on a studio recording when you won't remember any tracks even after a few consecutive spins of the disc. In other words, it's difficult to grasp onto particular songs because the record has a too anonymous sound overall, especially considering all of the mentioned bands in this review are doing the same thing as Kills & Thrills - just better.

Download: Dirty Birds
For the fans of: This Is Hell, Since By Man, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die
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Release date 24.03.2010
Hotfoot Records

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